Langhe DOC Arneis


Winery: Ceretto Monsordo Bernardina > Location: Alba, Vezza d'Alba, Castellinaldo and Castagnito
Grape-variety: 100% Arneis
Hectares (estate-owned): 80
Altitude m: 210 - 290
Soil: 51% clay, 18% sand, 31% silt;
pH: 8
Stock: 1103 paulsen, SO4
Plants per hectare: 4.300 ceppi/Ha
Years of planting:
1982, 1987, 1996
First year of production: 1985
Bottles produced: 600.000

Vinification: A 40% cryoextraction, with different durations and temperatures depending on the condition of the grapes, is carried out in stainless steel tanks using new cold processing techniques. The temperature is controlled via a centralized computer system, which guarantees a uniform development of the wine in its evolution, intervening directly on the biometabolism of the yeasts.

Wine: Arneis is a native varietal producing a very fruity wine with hints of pear and apple. Its fragrance and flavor are also enhanced by the small amount of CO2 maintained from the fermentation, which also helps to make up for the varietal’s typically low acidity.

Note: The White side of Piedmont wines 10% of all the bottles of Arneis produced in Piedmont are Blangè. One falls in love with Blangè, like with a beautiful woman, forever young. The Arneis, among the first ventures undertaken by the Bruno and Marcello Ceretto, has just celebrated its 26th birthday. It was 1985: a time at which it was difficult to envision a white wine in a land of great reds. For Ceretto, however, it was a challenge. And so, the first vineyard was purchased on the hillsides of Vezza d’Alba, where this rare, autochtonous grape variety indeed proved to be much more than just a new addition to the Ceretto collection. This famous white, fruity with a bit of effervescence, is appreciated worldwide, its curious French-inspired name evoking an idea of elegance. The name Blangé is derived from the word “boulanger,” or baker, from the French residing in the nearby village of Cherasco long ago. E voilà, pure and simple, beginning from its bold label, created by Milanese designer Silvio Coppola, designed to reveal, as through a seductive slit, the intense soul of Blangè.

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