by Roberta Ceretto

20 September 2016

How not to get lost in the new Ceretto site (ie: Welcome!)

Dust off the good china and polish the family silver, it seems everything is in order and the new Ceretto website is online. It is now four years since the previous version and we felt the need to update it so that it more closely reflects what we are today: My brother Federico, my cousins Alessandro and Lisa and I are increasingly active in the company; my father Bruno and my uncle Marcello are always in the monitoring and Giacolino is the inevitable glue, as he has been for over thirty years.

Here at Ceretto we never stop and that's what we wanted to communicate through our new digital home. On the home page, you can find a description of a journey that is made invariably through Wine - our beating heart - and everything that revolves around it, to our beloved Langhe and other passions that inspire us daily.

The Experience section talks about good and hospitality, growing and selling hazelnuts, art, food and wine tourism and our unfaltering attachment to this land: Piazza Duomo, La Piola, Terroirs, The Grape, The Chapel, The cube and much more.

The link between the sections will be this blog, brand new and waiting to be discovered, through which we live and tell what we see, how we work, what we think and what motivates us.