Kiki Smith Sculptures


Kiki Smith Sculptures

25 September – 8 November 2015

The fifth project promoted by the Ceretto family was once again the fruit of synergy with the organiser Bill Katz and involved Kiki Smith, an American painter and sculptress and one of the most acclaimed on the world contemporary scene.
For this occasion, the artist chose 3 large sculptures, which are representative of her artistic output. Mary Magdalene, in in honour of the very name of the place hosting the exhibition, is a work of 1994, made in bronze, silicone and steel, representing Mary Magdalene as a wild woman, as in the mediaeval and renaissance tradition. Annunciation, this is a sculpture created in 2008, in a fusion of aluminium, representing a sitting man, with a disproportionately large head, and one arm raised in a gesture of greeting, as often represented in Christian works. The artist defines the work as “an androgynous image of the virgin at the moment of annunciation”. She-Wolf, is a sculpture in bronze, from 2001, representing a she-wolf, which is a recurring figure in the art of Kiki Smith, a meeting of the mythological world, the unconscious and the realm of nature.

This personal exhibition of Kiki Smith is just the latest of the links between the Cerettos and the artist. In June 2014 a special, permanent work involved the façade of La Piola, the traditional restaurant owned by the family and situated in Piazza Duomo in Alba. Underneath the portico that frames the restaurant, there is the bright image of La Speranza, a poetic drawing made in gold leaf, that rounds off the installation of My happy dream, which was created two years ago for the interior of the dining room.

“I believe in art as one of our opportunities for self-representation, representation of our human experiences. Sometimes I create hard images, but for me they are all attempts to survive.”
Kiki Smith

“The Sculptures exhibition has special meaning for my family, that goes beyond the value of the artist and the successes of the previous 4 exhibitions organised in the Coro della Maddalena. Over the years, Kiki Smith has become a friend and a person who believed a lot in the art projects we wanted to create. She lived here in Alba for about 4 months, working on some of the works she created for us, in La Piola or for other Italian museums and Galleries. She grew fond of our area and its traditions and felt herself like one of us, a langhetta, going to the local market in Alba and visiting the town’s shops, to create little daily rituals for herself, which she still likes to rediscover when she returns here. So, we are extremely happy that she wanted to accept our invitation to bring her art to further enrich an already interesting programme for the Truffle Fair.”
Roberta Ceretto