The Wild Way


The Wild Way

September, 12th 2020 – September, 12th 2021

La Via Selvatica, The Wild Way is a new project curated by Matteo Caccia for the Ceretto family. The idea was born from the observation of nature during the long months of the lockdown that forced all of us in our homes.

12 dialogues that will bring out the deep experiences of those who measure themselves every day with their primordial part: a sportsman, a tightrope walker, a landscape architect, a lupologist (a wolf scientist), a musician, but also a chef, a meteorologist, a writer, a historian, a navigator/sailor, a semiologist and an explorer, in a year-long journey, will reveal the most authentic essence of the human being, it’s need to listen to nature again and live in balance with it.

Scenario of these dialogues  will be the intact and authentic places within the Ceretto territories - from the vineyards, to Piazza Duomo restaurant, from the Cappella del Barolo, to the artist's house, passing through the cellars of Monsordo Bernardina Estate and Bricco Rocche.

The first appointment will be on12 September, on our social networks @cerettowinery and on our website,


September, 12th 2020: Andrea Loreni, tightrope walker

October, 12th 2020: Paolo Pejrone, landscape architect

November, 12th 2020: Mauro Berruto, sportsman

December, 12th 2020: Ana Roš, Chef, chef

January, 12th 2021: Emilio Previtali, explorer

February, 12th 2021: Ambrogio Beccaria, navigator

March, 12th 2021: Luca Mercalli, meteorologist

April, 12th 2021: Mia Canestrini, wolf scientist

May, 12th 2021: Nadia Terranova, writer

June, 12th 2021: Franco Cardini, historian

July, 12th 2021: Tommy Kuti, musician

September, 12th 2021: Stefano Bartezzaghi, semiologist


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