Wine Trekking

Discovering the Monsordo Bernardina Estate

A guided wine trekking trail through the hills, vineyards, vegetable gardens, hazelnut orchards and the cellar of our farm.
The culture of the countryside has always been the fuel, the gears and the engine of our system.
This is a unique countryside, chiseled out over the centuries by the union of the work of nature and human intervention, and it is included on the UNESCO list of human heritage sites.
The entirety of the hills, the vineyards, cultivated fields, hazelnut orchards and buildings making up the Monsordo Bernardina Estate has to be read like a book: if you follow the pathway that is specially designed for you, you will discover the feeling that Ceretto family has for sustainable agriculture and winegrowing, love of gastronomy, art and architecture.
These are inseparable elements that talk to each other in a picturesque natural theatre, painted by four seasons with colours and perfumes that are always changing.

The trail map is available to download here

Discovering the Monsordo Bernardina Estate

The culture of the countryside has always been the fuel, the gears and the engine of our system.

Organic and biodynamics

In 2009 we made a family decision to convert all our agricultural and winemaking activities to organic and stop treating phytosanitary matters with herbicides...


Biodiversity is a value to be cultivated and preserved: it is an ethical and functional choice, because it creates a virtuous circle...

Greenhouse, vegetable gardens and restaurants

A philosophy of self-sustainability links the Monsordo Bernardina Estate...

Work on the vines

All the plants are grown with the “guyot” system, chosen for its workability...

The hazelnut trees

The hazelnut orchard that can be seen here is young, with trees that are still small in stature.

Grape varieties and terroir

Since the year we moved to Monsordo Bernardina Estate (1989), our local varieties, as grown in the areas of Langhe and Roero...

Acino and architecture

Architecture, design and art, just as gastronomy, are an integral part of the Ceretto paradigm: they are amplifiers of culture and beauty and recou

The truffle field

The Alba White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), is a well known species world wide...

Casa dell’Artista

Anyone who is fortunate enough to stay in this loft, obtained from an ancient farmhouse, with views over the vineyards of the Monsordo Bernardina Estate...

Belvedere on the Langhe and Roero UNESCO World Heritage Site

From this belvedere the eye falls in a single glance on as many as 3 docg: Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero

The winery

It is here, within the walls of this winery, that the operations of production and refining are carried out on some of the longest established labels of the family.

Horn manure and horn silica

The agricultural and winegrowing activities of our wineries have been organic certified since the production year of 2015...

Agricultural company

These buildings house the tools and vehicles used by the agricultural engineers and workers for running the Estate.

The plants in the greenhouse

According to the vegetable gardeners who manage it, the Monsordo Bernardina Estate greenhouse is a sort of “Noah’s Ark”...

Green manure, pruning, grafting

The philosophy of organic/biodynamic winegrowing determines the decision to not make use of deep tilling of the ground but...


No weedkillers, no fungicides nor synthetic fertilisers are used for treating the cultivation seen in these surroundings...

Animal footprints

The Monsordo Bernardina Estate is part of an extensive, healthy, fertile ecosystem.

Experimental rows

This group of rows plays a highly important role for the agricultural engineers of the Monsordo Bernardina Estate...