Stage 02

Stage 02


Biodiversity is a value to be cultivated and preserved: it is an ethical and functional choice, because it creates a virtuous circle which is good for nature, agriculture and its fruits.


This is the smallest of the two truffle fields on the Estate. The truffle field wood consists mainly of beeches and oaks, which encourage the formation of truffles (when we arrived, we planted 130). Nearby there are also flowering cherries, Lombardy poplars, oaks, peach trees and pomegranates.


The bees are kept for their role in pollination.

The donkeys graze at different points, depending on the season, thus helping to keep the woods clear.


The animals in the field include roe deer, fallow deer, boars, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and hares.


Further down on the hillside, the hazelnut trees and rows of vines can be seen.