Stage 07

Stage 07

Acino and architecture

Architecture, design and art, just as gastronomy, are an integral part of the Ceretto paradigm: they are amplifiers of culture and beauty and recount the history of the local area, of women and of men.


After the renovation, in 1999, of the Chapel of Barolo in Brunate, La Morra by David Tremlett and Sol LeWitt, it was the turn of the Cubo (2000) of crystal, constructed in Bricco Rocche.


Acino, which can be seen above you, was completed in 2009: it is a structure in ETFE, a light, malleable and resistant material and is inspired by the lines of the grape, standing on a platform of oak and recalling the natural design of the grapevines. 


Today it represents a special viewing point of the extraordinary panorama of the Estate, as well as being the nucleus of the reception system, with activities of tasting, shop and space for cultural events.