Stage 09

Stage 09

Casa dell’Artista

Anyone who is fortunate enough to stay in this loft, obtained from an ancient farmhouse, with views over the vineyards of the Monsordo Bernardina Estate, has the rare opportunity to watch the vineyard workers going about their tasks between the rows, following the times and the calendar of the organic/biodynamic regime. This is an especially evocative experience when it happens at night.


Casa dell’Artista was inaugurated in 2010 as a creative space, purposely open and linear, with large French windows, which let in the light of the hilltop: over the years it has accommodated Marina Abramovič, Miquel Barcelò, James Brown, Francesco Clemente, Werner Herzog, Gary Hume, Anselm Kiefer who designed a four-poster bed for the House, and Kiki Smith.



This space, which was designed to offer refuge and inspiration for the creative mind, is the natural completion of the path undertaken by our family, arm in arm with the main interpreters of contemporaty art. 


The permanent examples of this happy partnership are, apart from the Chapel of Barolo, the Cubo and Acino, the large mural created by Francesco Clemente for the Piazza Duomo restaurant; the gate-sculpture, called “Ovunque proteggimi”, by Valerio Berruti at Bricco Rocche; the decorative motif “La Speranza” and the chandeliers “My Happy Dream” designed for the La Piola restaurant by Kiki Smith. Also dedicated to the La Piola, there is the “reminder plate” (a common souvenir in the long-established trattorias of Italy) revisited by twelve artists, from John Baldessari to Robert Indiana and from Jasper Johns to Ugo Rondinone


These works are complemented by the labels designed by Silvio Coppola, Italo Lupi and Giacomo Bersanetti, and a calendar covered with collections, personal exhibitions and performances, including “Rivers” of Ellsworth Kelly (2013), “Der Rhine” of Anselm Kiefer (2014) and “Holding the milk” of Marina Abramovič (2017).