Stage 11

Stage 11

The winery

It is here, within the walls of this winery, that the operations of production and refining are carried out on some of the longest established labels of the family. After the harvesting the grapes are collected in perforated baskets. 

Sorting, indispensable for eliminating damaged grapes (rotten, unripe, burnt or withered), is carried out by hand between the rows and then, once more, on a vibrating table, before pressing.
At this point the real winemaking begins.


This winery produces: Langhe doc Arneis Blangé, Langhe Bianco doc Monsordo Bianco, Dolcetto d’Alba doc Rossana, Barbera d’Alba doc Piana, Nebbiolo d’Alba doc Bernardina, Langhe Rosso doc Monsordo Rosso, Barolo docg, Barbaresco docg, Barolo Chinato.


The wine trekking trail finishes inside: you are welcome to enter.