Stege 08

Stege 08

The truffle field

The Alba White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), is a well known species world wide, sought after because of its organoleptic characteristics and the special elegance of its bouquet. 


As early as the 1700s it was important in the most prestigious banquets of the noble residences of Europe, but it was in 1928 that Alba became the undisputed capital, with the first edition of the “Alba truffle Fair", organised by the hotelier and restaurateur Giacomo Morra, which later became known as the “Truffle Fair", at first on a provincial level, then national and finally international. The “International Alba White Truffle Fair" is held in the months of October and November and attracts thousands of enthusiasts and professionals in the sector from all over the world. Each year it culminates with the World Auction of the Alba White Truffle, in the Castle of Grinzane Cavour. 


The truffle is a tuber shaped hypogeal fungus, that springs up and grows spontaneously in symbiosis with the roots of oaks, lindens, hazelnut trees, hornbeams and poplars. The “trifolau” (truffle hunters in Piedmontese dialect) look for this jewel of the undergrowth with trained dogs, from mid-September to the end of January. 


There are two truffle fields on the Monsordo Bernardina Estate, where the true Alba White Truffle can be found in autumn.