Discovering the Monsordo Bernardina Estate

The culture of the countryside has always been the fuel, the gears and the engine of our system.

This is a unique countryside, chiseled out over the centuries by the union of the work of nature and human intervention, and it is included on the UNESCO list of human heritage sites. 

The entirety of the hills, the vineyards, cultivated fields, hazelnut orchards and buildings making up the Monsordo Bernardina Estate has to be read like a book: if you follow the pathway that is specially designed for you, you will discover the feeling that Ceretto family has for sustainable agriculture and winegrowing, love of gastronomy, art and architecture. 

These are inseparable elements that talk to each other in a picturesque natural theatre, painted by four seasons with colours and perfumes that are always changing.



The Wine Trekking trail is a guided tour and includes a visit to the winery with tasting of 3 wines.

Booking is obligatory, to be confirmed in the winery or by phone no. 0173 285942.

It is advisable to wear trekking shoes or similar for this trail.

The trail does not include any difficulties, but it is always advisable to pay the maximum attention, especially if accompanied by children. 

There are benches placed at points along the trail to take a rest and enjoy the scenery.

The stages of the trail are marked with special signs, giving detailed information, illustrations and advice for making the most of the experience. Apart from the specific information, a series of icons can be found here and there, suggesting closer observation, tasting or taking a look around: let yourself be guided.

The trail passes through the heart of an Estate where people gather the fruits of nature with respect for it: help us to preserve its beauty by not littering the ground with waste-paper, cigarette-ends and other waste.

The history of the Monsordo Bernardina Estate

This is a 19th Century Estate, which was very dear to Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy: the view from here takes in the three registered and guaranteed designation of origin (docg) areas of Roero, Barolo and Barbaresco. The old farmhouse, with 100 hectares of land, was rented by our family in 1989 (purchased in 2000) and gradually converted into the headquarters: work is carried on side by side for the agricultural company, production and refining of the main labels, administration offices and logistics. In 2009, to satisfy the creative urge that drives all the artistic and architectural projects of the family, the construction of Acino rounded things off, providing a permanent installation overlooking the vineyards and the landscape, that became the nerve centre of the operations of reception in the winery and exploration of the local area.