Organic agriculture and winemaking

Our vineyards are cared for according to organic farming principles, which avoids over-use of natural resources, according to a model of sustainable development for nature and for mankind, that can last over time.

The term Organic Farming indicates a cultivation method that allows the use of only natural substances, that are present in nature, excluding the use of synthetic chemical substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). All our vineyards (160 hectares in total) have been converted, since 2010 to today, into organic farming. A revolutionary choice that has radically changed the management methods of the vineyards, aimed at more respect for the soil, the grapes and mankind. In 2016 we obtained Certification (relating to the 2015 vintage) and the first organic wines have been bottled.


Here are some of the main methodologies
that we apply to our vineyards

Methods of biological defense: minimum amount of copper, sulfur, natural pyrethrum against insects. Obviously, no use of chemical herbicides and fertilizers.

Use of biodynamic preparations 500 and 501, respectively horn manure and horn silica previously dynamized: mineral, vegetal and animal substances, which have the purpose of improving the vitality of the soil and stimulate the photosynthetic capacity of the plants.

Use of compost, manure matured in piles, under close observation, with the aid of biodynamic preparations for maintaining an optimal level of organic matter in the soil. Agricultural methods (eg. Pruning) respecting as much as possible the lunar calendar.

Planting between rows of green manures, grass mixtures, legumes, brassicas, etc, in order to improve soil structure and fertility by promoting greater biodiversity.

Processing in alternating rows to best avoid soil compaction and erosion.


What is biodynamics? It is a detailed study of the organic method, together with the biodynamic approach whose basic principle is always to consider the complexity of the soil as a living organism. This model, even more radical than organic, seeks to re-establish the links between plants and the natural environment which allows reinforcement of its natural defenses, at different stages. It is a concept, a kind of philosophy and a way of working that we have already started using since the beginning of the millennium and it has proven to deliver significant improvements in the health of our vines and wines. Practicing biodynamics involves initially a re-thinking of your attitude to the world around us to return to its origins and to revive the land.

In recent decades, agriculture has seen industrial practices and uses exclusively aimed at increasing production, at the expense of the relationship with nature. It has thus lost uniqueness and variety in favor of specification and quantity. With biodynamics we want to change the course, make a small revolution, challenging but exciting, because it allows you to observe closely every day miracles of nature that lives and grows in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem without chemical additives, useful in the short-term but harmful in the long run.

In 2010 we started to follow this method in Barolo and Barbaresco: today all our crus are farmed biodynamically, and we have now added the vineyards of Monsordo Bernardina, for a total of about 30 hectares. Given the positive results coming from our initial analysis, our aim for the future is for all our vineyards to be farmed biodynamically, with the appropriate timeframe, analysis and continual review that this approach requires.
There are 160 hectares, and so it is a great challenge that will positively revolutionize the history of our wines, while facilitating the return to a healthy land, lush, strong and in full harmony with man.