10 Artists for Steven

21 June – 4 July 2010

Group exhibition: Simrel Achenbach, Donald Baecheler, James Brown, Francesco Clemente, Lynn Davis, Renate Graf, Juan Hamilton, Robert Indiana, Marina Karella, Anselm Kiefer, Tom Levine, Andrew Lord, Thomas Nozkowski, Kiki Smith, Philip Taaffe, Terry Winters and Zachary Wollard.

The first appointment promoted by the Ceretto family has something of a nostalgic and touching charm. The exhibition entitled “10 artists for Steven” is in honour of the American architect Steven Shailer, who died unexpectedly the year before, in 2009, at the early age of 40. Together with Bill Katz, Steven made a contribution to restyling the space that is occupied today by the two typical local restaurants of the Ceretto family, Piazza Duomo and La Piola. He had a great love for art and immediately established a friendship with the family and became a point of reference for the co-workers.
The works for the exhibition were donated spontaneously by the artists, by word of mouth, to help with treatment for the young architect and were then bought by the family to pay for their young friend’s treatment.