Coltivare e Custodire

With Coltivare e Custodire (Cultivate and Protect), developed alongside Slow Food, we returned to telling the story of cooking: not so much in terms of flavour, as an occasion to speak about women and men, history, science. In a certain sense, we revived the Premio Langhe Ceretto, but with an essential difference: in contrast to its predecessor, the term “prize” doesn’t fit very well in this case. It is not, in fact, a competition, but purely a recognition: we provide our communication resources for shining a spotlight on worthy examples of small producers - not celebrated, nor already famous; businesses and companies that are the proof of how cultivating means planting seeds - in minds as well as in the land. We tell stories, in the hope that they can be an example and an inspiration for others. Every year we choose a theme: in 2018, we started with the garden; in 2019, we spoke about Africa; in 2020, it was the turn of bread - a daily food brought to the fore by the lockdowns to combat the pandemic.

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