Marina Abramović - Holding the milk

29 Settembre - 12 Novembre 2017, Alba

This exhibition is an expression of the Ceretto family’s ongoing interest in contemporary artists and their desire to collaborate on projects that will bring artists’ work to Alba. It is the seventh in a series based on loans from institutions, collectors, and artists.
The Kitchen, Homage to Saint Therese is a series of nine portrait photographs and three video artworks, of which Alba will see Holding the Milk.
Shot on location in the kitchen of an abandoned Carthusian monastery in Spain where nuns once fed thousands of orphans, the works reference the life of the mystic Saint Therese of Avila, while drawing on memories from the artist’s childhood.
As explained by Abramović, “the kitchen of my grandmother was the centre of my world: all the stories were told in the kitchen, all the advices (sic) regarding my life were given in the kitchen, all the future telling through the cups of black coffee took place in the kitchen, so it was really the centre of the world, and all my best memories come from there. So it was a mixture of the kitchen of my childhood, the story of Saint Teresa of Avila, and this incredible abandoned kitchen with the children, all at the same time.”