Sol LeWitt & David Tremlett - Keeping Time

1999 – 2019 KEEPING TIME - Sol LeWitt & David Tremlett

September 21st – October 13th, 2019
Brunate vineyard, La Morra
September 22nd Ezio Bosso in concert

A Ceretto project curated by Guy Robertson and Tony Tremlett in association with the Mahler & LeWitt Studios.
Twenty years after its creation we celebrate the unique story of the Capella del Barolo, a countryside chapel painted by Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett. Commissioned in 1999 by the Ceretto family, the chapel overlooks the vineyards of the Barolo region in Piedmont, and has become an icon of the region, visited by over 60,000 people a year.
Producing a vinyl record, publication and associated performance programme, Keeping Time is inspired by two of the Capella del Barolo’s key themes: the notion of art as a collaborative endeavour and LeWitt and Tremlett’s shared interest in music.
The double vinyl record celebrates each year of the chapel, compiling 20 tracks by 20 artists. It will include contributions by 10 world-renowned artists who have a longstanding relationship with the work of LeWitt and Tremlett as well as 10 tracks by a younger group of artists who have been engaging with the history of the chapel through collaborations with curators Tony Tremlett and Guy Robertson.
With: Gavin Bryars, James Cave, Babatunde Doherty (Baba Ali), Tommaso Faraci, Adam Gibbons, Philip Glass, Lina Hermsdorf, Hiba Ismail, Chemutoi Ketienya with Kipsigis girls, Sol LeWitt, Jason Moran, Lydia Ourahmane, Steve Reich, Caroline Shaw, Three older female singers, David Tremlett & Tim Bowman, Keef Winter With the vinyl record is a publication outlining the history of the chapel, the collaboration between LeWitt and Tremlett “The Barolo Chapel by Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett. The last eclipse of the Millennium” a narration by Andrea Bajani (Corraini).
During the weekend of celebrations on September 21st, a series of performances will take place around the Chapel.
Keeping Time. Works include Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #26 and early mixedmedia works by David Tremlett. Also with: Babatunde Doherty, Adam Gibbons, Lina Hermsdorf, Hiba Ismail and Lydia Ourahmane and Keef Winter.