“My happy dream” and “La Speranza” by Kiki Smith

La Piola Restaurant, Alba, 2014-2016

Guests arriving at La Piola - our everyday restaurant that glows with the traditions of our region - are greeted at the doorway by an outer wall decorated with stars and light bulbs, which Kiki Smith has called “La Speranza” (Hope). This followed a first brilliant work done two years earlier, when the great American artist created the two lamps, like suspended aviaries, that adorn the restaurant.  By then she found it hard to stay away from our Langhe region: during her first visit, when she stayed at our Artist’s House, on a hilltop surrounded by vineyards, she even started learning Italian.  
This is a constant feature of the projects we undertake: they sprout from the seed of a small idea, then grow strong, thanks to the immense generosity of the artists who collaborate with us.