Protect me everywhere by Valerio Berruti (2012)

Bricco Rocche Winery, Castiglione Falletto

The steel gate, with two figures joined in an embrace, opens to include visitors too and welcome them to the winery of the Bricco Rocche estate, one of the most important crus of the Barolo we produce. The gate’s thin sinuous spirals do not shut out the view: rather, they frame the vineyard, the glass Cube forming a bond between architecture and landscape, and Serralunga Castle. Our family has always lived here at Bricco Rocche, which is one of the reasons why we commissioned Valerio Berruti to create this work. He is from the Langhe region, a contemporary and friend of the third-generation of Cerettos, an artist who is “at home here”.