Barbaresco D.O.C.G.


Commune: Neive

This recently acquired vineyard is one of the symbols of Neive.

Since we have an increasingly well-defined concept of territorial storytelling in our heads, we find it wonderful to be able to reap the fruits and transform them, by following the principles of awareness and respect that have accompanied us over the last decade.

The emphasis on the word identity is the thing that thrills us the most and thanks to these 3000 metres of land, the framework of the Barbaresco area is essentially more complete and clearer.

This vineyard has a great expressive power and this convinced us to début on the market at its first vinification.

The soils are marly-calcareous, with a rich presence of light-coloured sands, and the wine is rich and flavoursome. The deep bouquet alternates between floral and fruity notes, with hints of undergrowth to complete the aromatic picture.

In the mouth, it is enticing and satisfying without bringing with it any sense of slackness: it is firm, chewy yet refined.


“Gallina is a unique vineyard: resting at the foot of Neive, with the village above it and the village cemetery in front of it. We only own a few rows here, which allows us to focus on the details. The soil is rich, compared to the other plots we cultivate in Barbaresco, and this has led us to manage the organic substance in an original way. We have reviewed our positions: new green manure species have found space and agricultural practices have been defined specifically for this vineyard. Gallina taught us not to impose a method on the vineyard, just because it had worked elsewhere, but stimulated our capability for observation and analysis.“

Davide Pellizzari, Organic Department Manager