Barolo D.O.C.G.


Commune: La Morra



“I made wine from this vineyard’s grapes until the beginning of the 1990s and, at the time, the Brunate zone was more crowded with producers than any other in our collection. Sharing this hill with other producers, and seeking to produce an original Barolo from it - one which adheres to the terroir - has always been a necessity and a source of pride.”
Giacolino Gillardi, CEO

For forty years, we have been making wine from the fruits of two extended parcels of land, mainly located near the colourful chapel that was decorated by Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett in the village of La Morra. Right from the beginning, the goal was that of conveying, as directly as possible, the blessings of a vineyard that proves to be the mother of naturally seductive wines: the Barolos of Brunate, in fact, appear, aromatically bold and supple right from the start.
There is a carnival of flowers on the nose, accompanied by ethereal accents, in the generous vintages, or by a range of citrus notes, in the fresher years. In its youth, the wine is instilled with a fruit that seems sweet and whole, the tannins are able to enliven the mouthfeel and restore tension, without removing smoothness from its taste. It is the development, then, that makes the picture precious, painting the whole with autumnal tones and whiffs of smokiness. There is an aura of pure hedonism, which pervades the summit of this hill.