Barolo D.O.C.G.


Commune: Monforte d'Alba



“Bussia is not a vineyard; it is an ode to diversity. For us, being able to study its shades has been a complete, immersive challenge. In recent years, our main goal was to increasingly work towards micro-regionality and we have met our match among these rows.”
Alessandro Ceretto, technical director

Bussia is one of the largest MGAs of the appellation, and is a genuine vessel: it hides multiple original wines linked to the composition of the soil, altitude, and aspects. We’ve recently arrived among the folds of this hill and we feel lucky: conducting a new terroir to the glass is always exciting. Today, we are engaged with several parcels of land, all located in the mid zone, the most renowned and right from the start the wine that we created seemed to us to be a perfect synopsis of this terroir.
It is a Barolo that recalls damp undergrowth on the nose, the rich land. It is a strongly flavoured, chewable wine with broad shoulders, a wine that heats the mouth and calls out to be paired with food: it demands it.