Barolo D.O.C.G.


Commune: Serralunga d'Alba



“One of the greates opportunity in my job is tasting Barolo all over the world. So, I could learn to recognise a true Nebbiolo lover because he reaches ecstasy when you pour him a Serralunga wine into its glass.”
Federico Ceretto

Moving towards the centre of Serralunga d’Alba, you may happen to turn your gaze to the east, and it is on this slope that we see the Prapò. These vines wrap around the hill and, on one side, we see the Alta Langa. We have been treading this earth right from the 1960s and we know well what it has to offer: the soil is rich but the aspect is fresh and the grapes ripen slowly, an advantage in rainy years, an extra opportunity in hot ones.
What reaches the glass does not betray expectations and has the flavour of Serralunga: the nose is darker and fleshier than that which characterises the wines of the western slope of the appellation, and it is split by very clear balsamic notes. These raise the perfume, stamping it in a way that is always recognisable. The texture in the mouth is surprising: the tannins fill the taste, but do not distort it; they fortify it, without drying out its development. It is a pleasure to sip it when young, if well accompanied at the table, or to wait for its maturity and have fun in giving free rein to the complex tangle of its development.